Nevos Tyler


A musician since the age of 12, Nevos refined his skill to flex and spit dope lyrics showcasing his ability to deliver an amazing performance. Nevos brings the grassroot hip-hop style of Chicago, gritty sound of Richmond VA., and explosiveness of Las Vegas to every record he produces, every song he writes, and to every performance! Often times with a nerdy twist.


A Chicago native, Nevos began his mission to deliver a unique rap sound that would shake the industry over a decade ago. Influenced by his father OZ, who was accredited for having the first hip-hop album produced in Chicago, and Grammy Award winning artists such as Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay Z, Nevos is forging his own path in hip-hop!


He is authentic and effortlessly commands the stage reminiscent of old school hip-hop combining flow switches with hard-hitting beats, and head spinning lyrics that never disappoint the listener.  Nevos has taken this skill set and developed a sound/style all his own while  organically incorporating his quirkiness. With songs like "Bunny Girl" and "Special Grade" Nevos has proven he can utilize his musical skill to create nerdcore music almost anyone can enjoy! Most recently, Nevos has hosted and performed during a song and music video release party in collaboration with Senpai Squad, He's also performed during the 2023 Tokyo X in Houston TX, Ikki Con in Austin TX and Fan Expo in Chicago, IL. He puts on a performance so captivating that he is often times requested to return to such events for future performances and offered use of their brands and platforms!


Nevos is excited to announce that his new home is in Houston, TX. Catch him live across the town or find him under his handle @nevostyler on most social media platforms for the latest information. You can also check out his dope sounds on all music streaming platforms, i.e., Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, YouTube, SoundCloud etc.

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